United Nations Development Program in Bulgaria

UN Working in Bulgaria
The national political consensus on direction of reform and the necessity of working within the framework provided by EU accession has provided good opportunities for UN agencies to do work on many issues throughout the country. The issues on which most UN programmes focus, such as employment generation, health, minority integration and equal opportunity access, human rights and local government capacity building are priority areas for the Bulgarian government and this translated into UN agency supported work producing more results. In the coming years, as Bulgaria joint the European Union, UN system programmes will increasingly focus on supporting Bulgaria to benefit from the new development opportunities arising from the EU membership.


Sofia Municipality and Sofia City Council

Sofia’s municipal council consists of 61 municipal councilors, directly elected from the residents of Sofia’s municipality. The council carries out it’s policy according to the constitution of The Republic of Bulgaria, the European Charter for local governance, the local administration law, the legislation in force and according to the Internal Organizational Municipal Regulation, it’s committee and it’s interaction with the local administration.



CEIBG is a successful continuation of the gained experience of the Bulgarian International Business Association - BIBA and the Employers Association in Bulgaria – EABG



The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria is a fast growing business organization uniting over 280 American, Bulgarian and international companies operating in the country. The Chamber was established in December 1994 with the purpose to strengthen economic relations between U.S. and Bulgarian commercial enterprises, and to promote US-sponsored business initiatives and investments within Bulgaria.


Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders – BBLF

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum is the business association in Bulgaria promoting the values of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Till just about 9 years ago, CSR was unknown as a term in Bulgaria. It was in 1998 when 12 multinational companies and NGOs, inspired by the dream of business ethics, created the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.



National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria

The national association of municipal clerks in Bulgaria (NAMCB) is a professional association non economic object, established in July 2005 in Sofia. The idea of its establishment and its objects are borrowed from the International Institute of the Municipal Clerks (IIMC), founded in the USA in 1947. The experience of this international organization, which has over 10 400 members from the USA, Canada, Holland, England, Portugal, Belgium, Australia as well as countries from South America and Africa, is passed with the help of The Certification Institute of The Municipal Clerks for Central and East Europe (CIMCCEE), which was registered in our country in 2004 and is the first of its type out of the North America. NAMCB has for an object to help the continuing training and qualification of municipal clerks in Bulgaria by organizing seminars, conferences, experience exchange, information and reference activity, as it takes part in national and international programmes and projects.


National Association Partnership for CSR


CSR Turkey

The globe changes rapidly and old values and tendencies are replaced with new ones simultaneously. None of the entities, neither corporations nor governments, have the luxury to fall outside from this rapid change process. Turkey also meets with new concepts through this change process and attempts to adopt itself to this transformation.


CSR Lithuania


CSR Madrid


CSR Europe

CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 70 multinational corporations and 25 national partner organizations as members. The organization was founded in 1995 by senior European business leaders in response to an appeal by the European Commission President Jacques Delors. It has since grown to become an inspiring network of business people working at the very forefront of CSR across Europe and globally.