Devin - European safety Chart

Devin AD represented the Bulgarian business on an official ceremony of the European Commission in Brussels

On the 26th of November 2007 in Brussels, under the auspices of the Vice President of the European Commission and Transportation Commissioner Jack Baro, the annual awards for efforts in undertaking and implementing the engagements towards the European Charter for road safety, took place. The European Charter for road safety aims to unite the efforts of the business, the public, the governments and the non-government organizations in all 27 member countries of the EU with one mutual goal – lowering in half the death rate on the road till the end of 2010.
Reaching the chart’s goal means saving the lives of 2500 human lives.

On the official ceremony in Brussels, the Bulgarian business was represented from the biggest company for bottled water on the Bulgarian market Devin AD. Signing the Chart, The Executive Chief of the company – Mr. Valentin Ignatov, placed Devin among the responsible companies in the EU, which are engaged in undertake certain steps in the name of the Chart’s noble cause.

After Mr. Ignatov’s speech, The Vice President of the European Commission – Jack Baro welcomed the annexation of the Bulgarian company, and presented the Executive Chief with a certificate and an honoree diploma.
Bulgaria is in one of the top spots in road casualties and needs special attention in order to lower the rate of road accidents. From the beginning of the year more than 6700 accidents are registered in the country. In result of these accidents 8100 people are injured and 860 are dead.
“This sad statistics gives us the reason to believe, that the situation on the road has turned into an unofficial war. This motivates me and my team to make a great effort to improve the situation”, said the Executive Chief of Devin AD –Mr. Valentin Ignatov.

In the name of the Chart’s cause, Devin AD will call upon its customers for a more responsible road conduct on their behalf. Devin AD will also place pedestrian paths and zebras around schools with high concentration of traffic in the cities of – Sofia, Varna, Bourgas and Kavarna and will also help initiate school-classes on road safety and security.