Club “Friends of the clean City”

Journalist club “Friends of the clean City”, unites representatives of leading press and electronic media, devoted to preserving the environment.


The club “Friends of the clean City” was established on a work-breakfast on the 11th of June 2008, with the idea and the logistic support of Marketor. Behind this project are three utilization organizations – Ecopack, Repack, Bulecopack and representatives from leading press and electronic media united by the mutual cause – to search for these incentives and mechanisms which would help establish the effective separate waste collection in Bulgaria. This will motivate people to exercise in their lifestyle and every day life. In such regular meetings, the journalists would be able to acquaint themselves with the latest news on separate waste collection, to transfer ideas, to have access to the experts, documents, practices, standards, to the legislative and local authorities and the field institutions which “govern the waste”. The separate collection is a cause that needs everyone’s support – the state, local authorities, institutions, the media and the society.

The “Friends of the clean City” are sending out the message.