Marketor Ltd. took part in the first Bulgarian CSR Academy as main partner

The academy’s main objective is to support the organizations in Bulgaria during the successful integration of the principles of corporate social responsibility in the everyday practice.

Trough serial trainings and seminars the academy offers a systematic business solutions and helps companies to integrate effective corporate strategies and projects.

The first training of the program of the CSR Academy was in 2009 and it was organized with the support of Marketor Ltd. Lector of the training was Mrs. Zena Martin, USA.

In Marketor we believe that the successful and stable business is the responsible one and this is the reason why we decide to sustain a project, which promotes the concept of CSR in Bulgaria.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the most effective and successful opportunities for the companies to keep their clients' confidence and to extend their constantly development as organization without being effected from the economic situation in Bulgaria.

We hope that we will give a positive example to all companies so they will pay attention to their reputation, to the motivation of the employees and to the public opinion. It’s easy to use only one measure for business efficiency such as the profit, but in fact now the investors are even more interested in the added value of the company.
Today the investors trust more companies, which are operating in an open and transparent way, which have clear and sustainable strategy in long term. That’s why in future we are intending to support the organizations in Bulgaria with their growth in the field of CSR.